5 Car Engine Repair Warning Signs

Auto engines are built to process a lot of power and carry out a variety of intense mechanisms. Though this essential part is designed for tough and rapid action, it can still succumb to wear and tear, which may result in total engine failure or the need for costly engine repair. Learn to recognize problems as soon as possible with these common warning signs.

When Do You Need Engine Repair?

1. Check Engine Light

The check engine warning light may appear on your dashboard for many reasons. Often, this warning light comes on for minor issues, such as a bad oxygen sensor, loose gas cap, or catalytic converter. But since these problems can contribute to fuel inefficiency and ongoing engine damage, it’s best to have the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

2. Fluid Leaks

Many fluids are necessary to keep your engine running. For example, the oil helps lubricate moving parts, while coolant prevents the engine from overheating. If you find fluids under the car, you likely have a leak preventing your engine from getting the resources it needs.

3. Exhaust Smoke

Exhaust smoke can point to a number of engine issues that require auto repair. White smoke, for instance, suggests that the engine is burning coolant. Blue smoke, on the other hand, indicates an oil leak. Black smoke means the engine is burning too much fuel.

4. Knocking Sounds

When you notice a knocking sound coming from under the hood, the engine’s bearings are likely damaged. If the bearings aren’t fixed promptly, an auto repair specialist may need to rebuild the entire engine.

5. Reduced Power

Sudden decreases in performance, such as an inability to achieve speeds quickly or poor fuel inefficiency, are signs that the engine is having trouble. Since there are many potential causes behind these problems, it’s best to have a mechanic provide an accurate diagnosis along with any necessary repairs.

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