Electrical Repair & Maintenance

Car mechanics that you can rely on – Get your electrical repair done only at Fantastik Auto Repair.

The electrical circuit of your car is like its veins and a small malfunction can stop it from moving. Lucky for you, at Fantastik Auto Repair, we have a dedicated team of car mechanics to diagnose and get your vehicle back in shape. Reach out to us today and get your car serviced efficiently and affordably!


Honestly, a lot. Maybe it is something as simple as a dead battery or something as complicated as a misfiring started. That’s where we come in Our car mechanics run diagnostic tests to find the root cause of your problems to fix only what’s broken. Save big bucks on your next electrical repair only at Fantastik Auto Repair.



We can take care of your auto repair needs with a host of services catered to your every need.

Alternator Service

When it comes to running the car’s electronics, the alternator rises to the occasion. So if your car is having electrical issues, it’s time to get your alternator checked.

Battery Service

Batteries are your main power source and a failure can mean malfunctioning headlights or non-ignition. So if you are looking to get your batteries checked, replaced, or repaired, avail the best service in Honolulu at Fantastik Auto Repair.

Starter Service

Tired of jumpstarting your car every morning before going to work? Chances are there might be something wrong with your starter. Get it fixed today at Fantastik Auto Repair and get back on the road quickly without any hassles.

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