FAQ About the Car Suspension System

The suspension system is a critical element of your vehicle’s functionality. It absorbs impact to keep you safe on the road. For insight into how the suspension system works and how to keep it in optimal condition with proper car maintenance, here are some frequently asked questions.

4 Vehicle Suspension System FAQ

What does the suspension system do?

The suspension system not only absorbs impacts but also maximizes the friction between your car tires and the road surface. As a result, your car can effectively grip the ground so you can maintain control behind the wheel. Without it, your car would bounce, making for a dangerous driving experience.

What makes up the suspension?

car maintenanceThe suspension system consists of three main components: shock absorbers, springs, and struts. These three parts work in tandem to absorb and dissipate energy from the road and minimize vibration and noise.

Shock absorbers control the energy of the springs to prevent your car from bouncing and bottoming out. When you hit a bump in the road, the bottom of your car doesn’t collide with the ground.

The springs help your car compensate for any flaws in the road and support the weight of your vehicle so it won’t sag.

Struts help hold the shocks in place, controlling the spring and suspension movement to keep the tires in contact with the road.

How do you know when it needs repair?

You may notice more bumps in the road if your suspension is failing. If your vehicle pulls to one side when you turn the wheel, you may have worn-out shocks. Another sign is greasy shocks, which are usually a result of leaking fluid. Finally, you may notice uneven tire treads.

How can you keep your suspension in good condition?

Maintaining your car’s suspension is essential for your safety and that of other drivers on the road. Every time you go in for routine maintenance, have a technician inspect all suspension parts for signs of cracking, swelling, or oil contamination; examine all ball joints; and check the struts and shocks for oil leaks.

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