How to Maintain Your Car Engine

How to Maintain Your Car Engine, Honolulu, Hawaii

When it comes to car maintenance, caring for your engine will help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns and expensive auto repair calls. In addition to visiting your mechanic for annual inspections, embrace the following tips to ensure your engine functions properly.

4 Car Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Engine

1. Get Routine Oil Changes

Oil lubricates metal components within your engine to prevent wear and tear. But over time, the oil traps dust, dirt, and sediment, which can damage your engine. To avoid this issue, schedule professional oil changes every 3,000 miles or as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

2. Top Up Coolant Levels

Coolant is essential to maintain safe temperatures within your engine. Low levels of this fluid can result in breakdowns and overheating, particularly on hot summer days.

When you fill-up your gas tank, make a habit of popping the hood and checking coolant levels. Add fluid as needed to protect your machinery.


3. Check for Leaks

When pulling out of your driveway or parking space, check for puddles or wet spots. Leaks from the vehicle’s undercarriage could mean the engine is low on coolant, oil, or experiencing a fuel leak, all of which require immediate car maintenance.

4. Swap Your Air Filters

Proper airflow within your engine ensures fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Allow your engine to breathe clean air by swapping the filters regularly. New air filters are generally needed every 15,000 miles, or sooner if you frequently drive on dusty, sandy terrain.


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