How to Prep Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

The summer season is perfect for spending long hours on the road, exploring new cities, and trying new things. If you’re planning a road trip with your friends or family this year, it’s important to prepare more than a suitcase. Your vehicle must be in good condition to safely and reliably deliver you to each destination. Visit an auto repair specialist before you leave to have some key maintenance performed.

Protect the Engine

The engine is the life source of your road trip. If it fails, your vacation could be over. Keep it running smoothly by visiting an auto repair shop and having an oil change done. Engine oil is responsible for lubricating each moving part. A well-lubricated machine means less friction, less wear and tear, and a longer life span. Typically, this is done once every 3,000 miles. However, before getting on the road for an extended period, it’s worth having fresh oil in the system. You should also consider having the engine filter replaced. Yours can become clogged with dust, dirt, and bugs surprisingly quickly. A fresh one will help prevent this debris from reaching the engine.

Protect Yourself

A brief inspection will help ensure your safety on the road. First, check the lighting in your car. This includes headlights, fog lights, all blinkers, and interior lights. If any are out of commission, have them replaced beforehand. Turn your windshield wipers on as well. Make sure they clear away water and debris with ease. Likewise, test the windshield fluid to ensure you don’t need a fill-up. Once you’ve finished, squat down to inspect each tire. Use an air pressure gauge to check their levels. It is important that they are neither under- or over-inflated during your road trip. Be sure to check the treads, too. If they are worn down, have the tires replaced to ensure maximum grip and traction.

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