3 Dashboard Symbols & What They Mean

Illuminated dashboard symbols that suddenly appear on your dashboard shouldn’t be taken lightly. They may indicate problems with your vehicle that need the attention of an auto repair specialist. Here’s a quick look at what some dashboard signs mean.

3 Dashboard Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Battery Charge Warning

A blinking icon with a plus and minus dashboard symbol indicates your vehicle’s battery life is running low. If this lights up, turn off all features and accessories that draw power, like the AC system or the stereo. You should then look for a safe place to park before turning off your car to check, just in case the car doesn’t have enough battery to restart.

2. Brake Warning Light

Pay close attention if a red circle with what looks like an exclamation point lights up. This is the brake warning light. It means either your handbrake is on or you’re low on brake fluid. If the brake light is blinking, but you don’t feel anything different in the brake pedal, drive to an auto repair shop for service. However, if the symbol is permanently lit up, then you should pull over and have your car towed for safety.

3. Seatbelt Indicator

An icon of a person with a seatbelt appearing on your dashboard means you or a passenger have forgotten to wear a seatbelt. The seatbelt indicator flashing red doesn’t mean something’s wrong with the car, but it’s one sign you should always follow. Seatbelts prevent injuries and could even save your life in an accident, so buckle up for safety.

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