3 Red Flags That Indicate It’s Time for Brake Service

When your car isn’t working properly, it’s not safe or enjoyable to drive. Luckily, you can identify the need for essential auto repairs like brake service just by paying attention to the way your car operates. If you notice any of the following issues, head to an auto repair center right away.

3 Signs You Need Brake Service

1. Strange Vibrations

If you’ve been driving your car for over a year, you have a solid idea of how it feels to maneuver. Pay attention to any unusual vibration in the steering wheel or in other areas of the car when braking. In most cases, this is because the surface of the brake rotors have become uneven or rusty over time, so the pads can no longer slow them down smoothly.

2. Unusual Sounds

If you hear a screeching noise when you come to a stop sign, you likely need new brake pads. As they wear down, they’re designed to make this noise to notify the driver. If you hear a grinding noise, there may be something caught in between the components of your brakes, like a rock. Or the brake pads may have worn all the way through, so they make a harsh noise when applying friction to the metal rotor.

3. Pulling

It’s a frightening experience when you’ve lost control of your car, like when you’re hydroplaning in a rainstorm. However, if the ground is dry and your car is pulling to one side or the other, you likely need brake service. This issue often indicates that one of your brake calipers is applying more pressure than the other, so your car pulls toward the more powerful one.

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