3 Signs Your Car Needs a New Starter

Underneath the hood, your car relies on a number of components to get going. One of the most important parts is the starter, which puts the whole process in motion. Eventually, the starter will wear out or fail, requiring a trip to an auto repair center. Look out for the following warning signs that you need professional help.

3 Signs Your Car’s Starter Is Failing

1. A Clicking Noise

When you’re late for work in the morning, you don’t want to turn the key in the ignition and not hear the engine’s familiar growl. Instead, you’ll hear a clicking sound, and the engine fails to turn. If this happens, turn on the reading light over your head. If that comes on, the problem is not your car battery—you need a new starter.

2. Dimming Lights

auto repairWhen you open the car door, the interior lights likely come on automatically. If so, pay attention to them as you start the car.

If they dim, it likely means the starter motor doesn’t have enough power to operate on its own. As a result, it borrows electricity from other electrical components. This can damage the battery and the rest of the electrical system, so have the starter replaced.

3. Smoke

Your starter is designed to receive electricity so it can turn the engine. After the engine is ignited, the flow of power should cease. If the current continues to flow, your starter will produce an excessive amount of heat. Eventually, it may start to burn, sending smoke up from under the hood. Even if you can’t see it, the smell alone is a sign to seek out auto repairs.

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