3 Signs Your Transmission Is Slipping

Your car transmission makes sure the wheels have enough power to maintain a given speed. This means a slipping or failing transmission is extremely dangerous to drive on, as your car can become unresponsive to shifting. To stay safe, be on the lookout for the following symptoms, and contact a local auto shop for transmission repair as soon as you identify one.

When Do You Need a Car Transmission Repair?

1. Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid keeps the gears lubricated, and they’ll stop moving without it. Check your transmission fluid annually, consulting your owner’s manual for specific instructions. If the levels are low, or you notice puddles of reddish liquid under your car, there’s a leak that should be fixed immediately.

2. Trouble Shifting Gears

transmission repairTransmission slipping can result in excessive or inadequate gear shifting. In some instances, your transmission may switch gears on its own while driving. You’ll likely hear a noise when it shifts, and the vehicle may start shaking. You may also experience trouble shifting gears, where an audible thud occurs when you shift, and the vehicle struggles to reach the right speed.

3. Delay in Movement

If your car doesn’t accelerate properly, you may need transmission repair. This is most noticeable when switching from “park” to “drive.” The engine will rev when you step on the gas, but there will be a pause before your car starts moving. Once it does work, it’ll struggle to accelerate and maintain speed.