3 Ways to Tell It’s Time for an Oil Change

A regular oil change is essential for car maintenance. The oil cools and lubricates the engine. Without it, your car would seize as soon as you start the engine, causing irreparable damage. To prevent this, pay attention to your oil levels and take your car to an auto repair shop when you notice these signs.

When to Get an Oil Change

1. It’s Been a While

You should get your oil changed on a regular schedule. Most cars need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or three to six months. Newer cars should have more frequent changes to maintain their high performance.

2. The Oil Is In Poor Condition

Oil can darken almost as soon as it’s put into a vehicle, so don’t look at the color when you check it. Instead, look for pieces of debris and grit in the oil. The grainier the oil gets, the less it can lubricate your car. You may also notice the oil is runnier than it used to be and your car produces more exhaust due to the poor oil quality.

3. Noise

An insufficiently lubricated engine runs louder, so if your car’s volume is increasing, an oil change may fix it. However, changes in the sound can also be the result of other problems like a damaged muffler, so talk to your mechanic before making any decisions. A ticking sound when you start the car or vibrations while you’re idling are better clues that point to the oil.

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