5 Driving Habits That Could Damage Your Vehicle

Even if you keep up with routine maintenance, your driving habits may cause other issues to develop in your car. Avoid the need for premature auto repairs by making a few changes.

5 Bad Driving Habits for Your Vehicle

1. Running Over Potholes

The sudden impact of hitting a pothole can weaken the suspension and prevent it from absorbing movement. Without this protection, the car’s framework will begin to take the shock and become vulnerable to internal damage.

Keep an eye out, and carefully maneuver around potholes. If you can’t avoid one, slow to a crawl over it to minimize the impact.

2. Holding the Gear Shift

auto repairHolding onto the shifter as you drive applies pressure to the inner components, so they maintain continual contact and develop wear and tear.

Take hold of the shifter only when an adjustment needs to be made.

3. Taking Speed Bumps Too Fast

Speed bumps aren’t always even, which may cause the wheels to drop at different angles. The impact could affect your tire alignment, making steering difficult. Plus, if the vehicle is low, you risk damaging the undercarriage.

Slow down, and gently ease the vehicle over until it clears the bump.

4. Neglecting Your Parking Brake

While the transmission does prevent the wheels from moving once they’re in “park,” it doesn’t lock the wheels in place. That’s the job of the parking brake. Without it in place, the transmission will overwork itself to keep the vehicle from rolling, which will wear out its internal components.

Make sure to engage the parking brake before exiting the vehicle.

5. Accelerating in High Gear

Flooring the accelerator strains your engine. Suddenly speeding up doesn’t give the gears time to shift and will result in more revolutions per minute than is healthy for the vehicle.

Gently apply pressure to the pedal, so the engine has time to react before taking off.

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