Why Is Your Car Making Noise?

As a new car owner, you want to keep your vehicle in shape with regular maintenance. However, even vehicles that receive frequent care are at risk of breakdowns and problems. If you hear any of the following car noise sounds, it could be time for auto repair.

4 Noises That May Require a Trip to the Auto Repair Shop

1. Slapping

When you turn on the air conditioning, the system should respond with a soft whoosh as it propels air out of the car vents. However, if the ventilation flap is loose or has been knocked out of position, it may make a repeated slapping sound. Get your AC system checked to make sure this issue is just a minor annoyance and not the result of something more serious.

2. Squeaking

Vehicles low on power steering fluid may make squeaking sounds like a dog toy when you turn the steering wheel. Top off the liquid, then see if the sound stops. If not, head to an auto repair shop for an inspection. The fluid lines may be leaking, potentially placing you in danger if your steering system fails while on the road.

3. Roaring

If your car struggles to start and makes roaring sounds when you turn the ignition, this often signals the battery is dying and requires charging or replacement. Most batteries last about four years, so factor this into your decision on whether to purchase a new battery.

4. Screeching

When you press the brake pedal, you should feel the car slow and hear the engine adjusting. If you hear screeching, the brake pad has likely worn down. Go to a mechanic as soon as possible to have the pad replaced.

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